Monday, July 25, 2011

The Mountain...thoughts on my book.

So I finally decided to publish a book. At this point I have most of the drawings done but still need to get down to some of the writing. The imagery is intense and I kept it secret for almost a year, unless you came over to my home, in which case I have probably presented it to you with a smile and commented "enjoy." It's not that the drawings are masterful, it's the subject. It's is "perverse," raw and sexual. I love the reactions. I want the text to come in and carry that same feeling. Anyway... I'm researching and finding all sorts strange fetishes I didn't know existed and intense names for almost comical experiences. The whole things is bizarre but I hope it lends for some creative writing. I'm a bit timid about putting it out in the world because I know how some ppl will jump to conclusions or judge me. I just hope I get more positive feedback than negative.

So here's a tease, taste, a nib lit to: "CUM AROUND THE MOUNTAIN"

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Gomez33 said...

the working title sounds like a porno title....and i wouldn't worry about "being judged", people-me included- do it regardless of what u do....what matters most is that u convey what YOU want to, in your way, and everyone else can -and will- interpret as they see fit. Good luck.