Friday, June 4, 2010


This summer I'm taking some time away from the figure and focusing on portraits, large ones, just in pencil. For me, pencil works best through building. It's easy to get frustrated using pencil because it takes so much time. Sometimes we want instant results, in this way it works a little like painting where we have to see the potential of an image. I'm finding the little things about graphite that makes it special. How it can be smudged and moved around with a palm or subtracted by an eraser. There's almost always an attachment to a dream-like aesthetic. In love once again with drawing.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

BLACK AND WHITES (35mm mini diana)

These are a handful of photographs taken with my mini Diana. Two more rolls to be developed. I was looking for a photo project to start recently, when I realized how much time I spend driving through Los Angeles, more specifically places like South Central, San Fernando Valley, Crenshaw area, Hollywood, East Los Angeles and the ever lovely Santa Clarita. I carry my camera in the car shooting moments that catch my eye. It's a great way for me to pay extra attention to people, and document my movement through this eclectic city. These two rolls I'm waiting for are the 1st of the project.