Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I know I have been neglecting you, for that, I am sorry. But I had good reason! Here's what I've been up to in a nutshell:

I spent time at the University of Hawaii as a guest artist, lecturing and teaching two drawing workshops. I must admit, I had a spectacular group of students in Hawaii and by the second day they were really pulling out amazing work. The model was stunning and creative. I will give credit to Linda Dorn for working with these kids to become the thinkers they are. They are blessed to have Linda as a teacher. I always admired her animation and designs. Check them out @ lindadorn.com

Here are some pics from Hawaii.
Ps. The WOOD came along too!

Images are in reverse chronological order. Sorry.


Chris Wood said...

like the change to the blog-

n thankz for letting me be a part of your hawaii talk, jon.

i feel lucky to have been artistically raised in the same cabbage patch.

and your work is always stunning-

Linda Dorn said...

Thank you for posting these Jonny.

I was insanely happy to have my friends here.

And extremely honored to have you and Chris here as artists. I firmly believe you are 2 of the hottest artists in LA.

You have inspired so many!

Thank you!

Mami said...

hahaha. i really like that photo of just you and your food and your coconut.