Friday, September 17, 2010


Years ago i took some publicity photos for Corny. He wanted me to make him look "sophisticated like Micheal" - his words. I love how he imitates Mike. Anyway, I never showed anyone. Here they are. I miss the dirty old man. Sitting the hall, talkin' up a mess.


Jennifer Fabos Patton said...

I miss him too. These are beautiful photos. I hope you don't mind me using one of them for the gallery show at the Animation Guild in Oct. The opening is Oct 7th 6-10 and they are doing a big memorial for him there on the 9th of Oct.

Marc Deckter said...

Hi Jon - love the photos as well, thanks for sharing them. I also used one in a recent post on the memorial - hope its cool, if not just let me know I'm happy to take it down. RIP Corny.

Jonny Gomez said...

no worries Marc. Corny was all about sharing. Glad you like them.