Saturday, August 23, 2008

more alice.


Yasemin Orhun said...

aaaaaa- I can't tell you how curious I am about this alice project, I hope it also involves alice's family? im going to have to teleport to california and murder you if you don't keep it updated

Yas Orh said...

I have just read the above comment I posted 2 years back.. what happened to the alice project?

also I'm glad that you update your page, I sign on it from time to time even though I haven't posted any comments on it for some time. I appreciate your work much, mostly your drawings attract my interest. Something on my mind recently; I guess I am mostly interested in your drawings because i think when you are producing a certain type of art yourself you tend to have a better taste of it/ better (mental?) tools to analyse or interpret it(you can infer from this that i don't spend much time with photography)... it seems very obvious when i put it like this but its just that i feel when i am familiar to the process of a certain type of artistic production i don't often just like/dislike certain works i look at, rather i try to discover the methodology and appreciate the experimental tricks or "original"/synthetical approaches. and well i find much to discover in yours.

hope you're well.

ps. i told you i would update my blog when i dont remember maybe a year ago? but I'm going to do that in a week or two.

Yas Orh said...

you do have 2 more pages of her but what was the project about? was sarah modeling for her?