Thursday, July 10, 2008

summer madness.

For three consecutive years our summers have been filled with an overwhelming amount of work. I'm not complaining, there's nothing like making things happen while everyone else is taking it easy... but i must say a good break is due. maybe a week in mexico? maybe.

we're preparing for our week of presentations and meetings. Sean's is (right now at this moment) designing a cover for the BOOK OF NANO. His invite designs were well received. the included a cut piece of plexi with directions/ map and an A and NANO design.

jr's been calling execs and agents, maintaining direction and making sure there's a unified project,
making models in maya, and helping jessie paint and display sculptures.

jessie is doing a bit of everything. he's a tazmanian devil.

bety finished making calls and scheduling possible clients.

e choi is designing the thank yous.

i just finished the A REEL last night. 4 days and 50 gigs later... tada!
i needed to get that out.
editing, like drawing, requires a groove. and before you know it your doing things that weren't there before. I had fun with it.

time to clean.

so here are some stills, drawings, mixed media, a texture for the game and a set of portraits.


Obamalicker said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful! :D

Bety said...

hah! i win. merci beaucoup monsieur L.J.J.FAYCE

Jonny Gomez said...

thanks! more to come...

robin wilson said...

blue jelly = !!!